The Alumni Association of the Skytte Institute was established in September 2021, and in addition to the Chairman position of the Alumni Association, it also has its own coordinator. If you have graduated from our institute or one of our predecessors and would like to join our alumni community, email Uta Kührt. Uta's contacts can be found in the right column of the page. If you want to engage more, then Uta is again the point of contact.


Page head has a photo of Skytte graduates by Andres Tennus, UTTV

The mission of Skytte Alumni Association is to serve as a strong and cohesive network. As alumni, we want to stay at the epicenter of new knowledge and open new doors for our professional  careers. An important part of the functioning of the alumni association is cooperation between its members, and the desire that it would serve our common goals.

Paul-Henry Sereda, Chairman of the Skytte Institute Alumni Association
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University of Tartu invites students and alumni to mentoring programme

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Alumni Talks

Join the first series of Alumni Talks in January

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Anna Lisa Aavik

Anna-Lisa Aavik: "We studied and worked together with the most amazing people from all across the world, and we now have many lifelong friends, and many couches to sleep on in every corner of the globe."