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Andero Kalju

Continuous Education

In addition to graduate studies, the Skytte Institute also offers various courses for continuous education. Since 2015, we have organized more than 70 different trainings: MOOCs, winter and summer schools, and professional trainings for both the public sector as well as private companies.

Our continuing education courses are also suitable for in-house training. For more information, please contact our training project manager.

Our trainings are suitable:

  • for in-house training of organizations
  • for professional development
  • to broaden ones horizons



Business peculiarities in Asia and Pacific regions

17.03.2022 - 06.05.2022
in Tallinn

Program in the English language


Common Challenges of Competing Regionalisms

25.04.2022 - 05.06.2022
Fully online

Program in the English language






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UT students and staff can take courses on the popular learning platform Coursera

Until October 2022, all UT members can take one free Coursera course. Students can also use it towards the completion of their curriculum if they wish.