Continuous Education

The Skytte Institute of Political Studies has an extensive experience in offering multiple continuing education opportunities such as trainings, MOOCs, seasonal schools, blended intensive programs (BIPs) and micro- credentials. Our continuing education courses are designed with valuable insights and expertise from leading researchers and practitioners who can help you to expand your skills, competence and career prospects.  

The labour market is rapidly changing, which requires constant upskilling and upscaling of competences in multiple fields and disciplines. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur or an employee of a non-profit or public sector organization – self- improvement gives you an advantage and a head start in today’s competitive workforce. Our courses are designed to accommodate these needs and include various flexible opportunities for participants who are adult learners and working full time.  

Over the years, our institute trained around 3000 people and arranged more than 60 different courses for various stakeholders, including different organisations, ministries, entrepreneurs, NGOs and individuals. We are offering both in-class and online learning opportunities to accommodate the different needs and schedules of our learners.  

You are welcome to participate and enroll in our continuing education programmes if you are: 

  • Interested in gaining new skills and competences;  

  • Eager to  learn from leading specialists and researchers;  

  • Wish to enhance your performance in the labour market;  

  • Interested in such topics as the European Union, International Relations and Regional Studies, Digital Governance and Services, Green Transition and Sustainability, Public Management and Administration.  

What we offer:  

  • Opportunities to improve your performance by research-informed best practices.  

  • A wide range of topics covered by local and international experts. 

  • Competence in arranging trainings, MOOCs, micro credentials, and seasonal schools. 

  • Supporting the principles of effective learning in continuing education. 


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Amit Jai Pal Julka

A-Moral Power? India's Public and State Discourse During the Ukraine War

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PulseOfEurope: Cologne Panorama 2017

REPAIR: Rejuvenating Democracy in the EU

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