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Skytte teaching staff and students participated in the international training on digital diplomacy in Ljubljana

Students and teaching staff from the J. Skytte Institute of Political Studies participated in the 2nd edition of the pilot training programme on digital diplomacy at the University of Ljubljana as part of the Erasmus+ project Digital Diplomacy: Building the Common Future with Technology”. 

Between February 26 – March 1, six students from different programmes of J. Skytte Institute of Political Studies have joined the study module on "Diplomacy at the Crossroads: Mixing Tradition and Digitalization" offered within the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Digital Diplomacy: Building the Common Future with Technology”.

The module was hosted by the University of Ljubljana and involved 36 students from Romania (University of Bucharest), Estonia (University of Tartu), Italy (University of Sacred Heart Milan), Slovenia (University of Ljubljana), and Turkey (Istanbul University and Istanbul Ticaret University) who participated in an interactive training and got hands-on experience in digital diplomacy. 

The pilot program was aimed at bringing together the teaching staff and students of DD-Tech consortium to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and trends in the field of digital diplomacy as well as to test the learning and teaching material, developed as part of the project.

The training program featured a series of lectures and interactive workshops offered by DD-Tech teaching consortium and offered the opportunity for students to engage in stimulating discussions on topics such as the foundations of diplomacy, the emergence of digital diplomacy, small state diplomacy in the digital age, human rights diplomacy, and the impact of communication technology on digital diplomacy.

The event also featured esteemed guest speakers, including former Slovenian Ambassador Milan Jazbec to Türkiye and North Macedonia and Dr. Ilan Manor from the University of Oxford. In addition to academic sessions, students enjoyed a guided tour of the Slovenian Parliament, adding a practical dimension to their learning experience.  

According to the local coordinator of DD-Tech project at the J. Skytte Institute, Anna Beitane, "the pilot program in Ljubljana was a follow-up activity to our previous intensive course offered at the University of Bucharest in June 2023. It presented us with a great opportunity to revise some content in the DD-Tech Module and test videos recorded for the MOOC, which will be released by the end of the project. We believe that the insights gained from this program will serve our students well in their academic endeavors and future careers."

For more information about the project and training program, please visit the project’s website at

The following project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme – KA2 – Cooperation partnerships in higher education (KA203).

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