NearEU partnering experts visit J. Skytte Institute of Political Studies

Between September 20 to September 23, the partnering experts of NearEU module Dr. Ryhor Nizhnikau (Finish Institute of International Affairs); Dr. Iryna Maksymenko (Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University) and Mr. Gor Petrosyan (Caucasus Institute) visited the J. Skytte Institute of Political Studies, where they took part in the number of teaching related activities.

The “NearEU week” was successfully kicked off with the expert discussion on the topic of "Illiberalism through the lens of Europe's new geo-political reality" within the framework of the course "Illiberal Turn in Europe and Russia", supported by the NearEU module. The partnering experts Dr. Ryhor Nizhnikau, Dr. Iryna Maksymenko and Mr. Gor Petrosyan discussed such issues as the impact of the war in Ukraine on the clash between illiberalism and liberal democracies; the role of Russia as a regional / global aggregator of illiberal energies; the impact on national/domestic politics and conduction of international relations; as well as the repercussions on the Eastern Neighbourhood.

The following discussion was followed by participation of the NearEU partners in the recording of updated video lectures for the MOOCs “Common Challenges of Competing Regionalisms” and “Impact of Changing EU-Russia Relations on the Development of Eastern Partnership”. The partners provided valuable analysis on the most recent developments in the region in light of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the EU’s decision to grant the candidacy status for the EaP countries – Ukraine and Moldova.

In addition to the participation in video lectures, partnering experts also took part in the masterclass on the "Future of the Eastern Partnership and EU Enlargement process", where they were joined virtually by Dr. Nikoleta Djukanovic (University of Donja Gorica). The discussion focused on the following points such as the impact of the war in Ukraine on the EaP; tangible accessions perspectives of Ukraine and Moldova; the situation in the Western Balkans after Ukraine and Moldova candidate status and perception of the enlargement process; as well as the future of EaP as a multi-lateral / bi-lateral platform.

The NearEU week was finalized by a guest lecture delivered by Dr. Nikoleta Djukanovic within the framework of the course "EU Enlargement and Challenges of the Wider Europe". The lecture focused on the topics related to the state of enlargement process in the Western Balkans; the focus on regional initiatives (i.e. mini-Schengen) and tensions between Serbia and Kosovo; as well the future of EU's engagement in Western Balkans.

More picture from the NearEU week, could be found in the following gallery.

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The NeaEU Module has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ Jean Monnet programme under Grant Agreement 620279-EPP-1-2020-1-EE-EPPJMO-MODULE

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