Academia Gustaviana 390

Gustav Adolf's Day in the Johan Skytte Institute

On Monday, 7 November, we celebrate the founding of the University of Tartu! Here is the programme of the celebration.


Lectures in the UT Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, Lossi 36, room 305 

“Gustavus Adolphus, Johan Skytte, and the pivotal role of the University of Tartu during the 20th century“
Li Bennich-Björkman, Johan Skytte Professor of Eloquence and Government of Uppsala University
“Key findings of the first Swedish-Estonian cooperation report“
Professor Raul Eamets, Dean of the UT Faculty of Social Sciences

Questions, discussion. Moderator: Ambassador of Sweden Ingrid Tersman


Placing of flowers at the Johan Skytte monument and the monument of Gustavus Adolphus


Concert “The Song of the Troubadours“ in the White Hall of the University of Tartu Museum
Performers: Anto Õnnis (vocals), Tõnu Jõesaar (viola da gamba), Robert Staak (lute)

Free admission

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