Geopolitics and International Relations: Grounding World Politics Anew

Prof. Dr. David CRIEKEMANS (University of Antwerp, Belgium) will give an open lecture on Geopolitics and International Relations: Grounding World Politics Anew

Lossi 36-306, 20 October, 14:15 – 15:45

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Although we live in a globalised world, territorially embedded factors are highly relevant in such domains as security, economy, energy, environment, politics & diplomacy. Today’s analysts of world affairs are often loosely referring to ‘geopolitics’, but do not always clearly define it. This book “Geopolitics and International Relations: Grounding World Politics Anew” therefore offers a necessary framework: an introduction into the main components of geopolitical analysis, an overview of the main geopolitical schools of thought, as well as reflections on how technology and geopolitics affect each other in economy, energy and security. In addition, several empirical studies are showcased, each developing innovative approaches. Leading authors reflect upon containment, analyse geopolitical myths, research geoeconomic rivalries, study mental maps, analyse conflict through territorially embedded variables & greed motivations and apply ‘neo-medievalism’ to study sub-state diplomacy.

During this session, Prof. David Criekemans will discuss the most recent geopolitical scholarship and the interaction between geopolitics and technology. He will illustrate the relevance of Geopolitics by referring to current cases in International Relations.

More information: Kristel Vits,

 The event is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (University of Tartu ASTRA project PER ASPERA).

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