International Relations

In general, International Relations represents a research field which combines welfare and security themes as well as cooperation and conflict perspectives with actors’ interests and capacities to act in a structurally coherent (or anarchic) global arena. More specifically, this research field has covered tensions related to shifts in sovereignty and global order as well as protracted and intractable conflicts embedded and enframed within theoretical approaches of geopolitics, foreign policy, security politics, biopolitics, identity and memory politics.

Head of the research field: Eiki Berg

Affiliated staff: Andrey Makarychev, Shpend Kursani, Heiko Pääbo, Raul Toomla, Ana-Maria Albulescu, Izzet Yalin Yüksel, Butrint Berisha, Thomas Linsenmaier, Kristel Vits

Affiliated research groups

The Centre for Eurasian and Russian Studies
De Facto States Research Unit