REPALY! Delta Trends Day 2023: "Artificial Intelligence: Hype, Revolution or Innovation as Usual?"

On 13 November, the Delta Trends Day 2023 "Artificial Intelligence: Hype, Revolution or Innovation as Usual?” Took place.

We are thrilled to share that all the thought-provoking presentations from our Delta Trends Day are now available for replay here!

According to Kristian Pentus, the organiser of this year's Trends Day, the four thematic blocks of the event ignite discussions on how artificial intelligence impacts the world of business and business models, what are the technical, ethical, and socio-economic aspects of artificial intelligence, how the rapid and vibrant artificial intelligence fits into the realm of human creativity, and what the various approaches of governments are to regulations and practices related to artificial intelligence.

Aspects related to artificial intelligence will be addressed by researchers, entrepreneurs, experts and visionaries, including Senior Fellow of the University of Oxford Alex Connock, Professor of the University of Toronto Ajay Agrawal, Co-founder of executive coaching companies SageOS and Smartbeat Christjan Schumann, Director of Product Management at LHV Bank Kaspar Loog, representative of the European Patent Office Kai Härmand, Managing Partner of the digital change advisory Digital Nation Siim Sikkut, and researchers from the faculties of the University of Tartu.


Delta Trends day 2023
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