Public Protests in Russia: the State, the Church & Civil Society

You are kindly invited to join a discussion session on "Public Protests in Russia: the State, the Church and Civil Society (an Insider's Perspective from Yeakaterinburg)" that will take place on June 25 at 10.30 in room 305 at the building of Social Sciences (Lossi 36).

Dr. Ekaterina Grishaeva (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Ural Federal University) will give a talk on the most recent dynamics in state - civil society relations in one of the Russian largest cities that became an epitome of mass-scale public protests against the construction of a Church building in city center, the ensuing sharp public debate within the urban community, and a conciliatory reaction from the federal authorities. Everyone interested in the current Russian politics is welcome to attend the eye witness' report from Russia's mainland and participate in the discussion.

Ekaterina Grishaeva holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia; as a doctoral student she specialized in orthodox theology, mainly in neopatristic synthesis. Since 2011 she is a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy at Ural Federal University. In 2014 she was a junior fellow in the Institute for Human Science, Vienna; the title of the research project is Orthodox Christianity and Politics in Post-Soviet Culture as Depicted in Russian Blogs. She works as a postdoc fellow at the Jagiellonian University at the project The criticism of European model of development in Russian neoconservative discourse of traditional valueswhich is aimed to compare how the criticism of the European modernity is constructed in official documents issued by the ROC and Russian government, and how it is changed in social networks.

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