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Opening of the Estonian Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence

Join us for the opening event of EXAI: Estonian Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence. Titled "Leading the Way with Trustworthy AI" this event will explore how we can build trustworthy AI and harness it for societal benefit. What steps does Estonia need to take to thrive in a rapidly changing world? Hear from researchers, companies, and state representatives about the latest developments and initiatives in AI.

The event takes place on Tuesday, 28 May from 16:00 – 21:30 at the University of Tartu Delta Study Building Main Lecture Hall.

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15:45 Welcoming coffee
16:00 Meelis Kull, University of Tartu, Head of EXAI, "EXAI: Leading the Way with Trustworthy AI "
16:20  Rain Ottis, Tallinn University of Technology, "Security and AI"
16:40 Liina Kamm, Cybernetica, "The crucial dependencies between privacy enhancing technologies and AI in e-government"
17:00 Jaan Aru, University of Tartu, "AI for education"
17:20 Mark Fišel, University of Tartu, "No, we are not done yet!"
17:40 Tanel Tammet, Tallinn University of Technology, "Explainable reasoning combining LLMs, databases, and automatic provers"
18:00 Coffee break
18:20  Kristel Kriisa, Government Office of Estonia, "Harnessing AI for Good: Building a Smarter, More Efficient Estonia"
18:40  Henrik Trasberg, Estonian Ministry of Justice, "The Use of AI in the Judicial System"
19:00 Sander Tars, MindTitan, "How to make government AI as trustworthy as TikTok"
19:20 Ando Saabas, Microsoft, “AI in Video Conferencing”
19:40 Margit Sutrop, University of Tartu, Member of the Parliament of Estonia, "Should we trust artificial intelligence? A philosophical perspective"
20:00 Panel Discussion “AI Estonia”. Moderator: Marlon Dumas, University of Tartu. 
Participants: Kristel Kriisa, Meelis Kull, Ando Saabas, Margit Sutrop.
20:30  Networking with food and drinks


This event is supported by the Estonian Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (EXAI), funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

The members of EXAI are University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, and Cybernetica. The centre brings together 13 research groups led by Mark Fišel, Kairit Sirts, Raul Vicente, Jaak Vilo, Jaan Aru, Marlon Dumas, Mihkel Solvak, Tanel Tammet, Tanel Alumäe, Pawel Sobocinski, Rain Ottis, Liina Kamm, and the head of the centre, Meelis Kull. 

EXAI focuses on extending the knowledge base of AI, developing hybrid AI systems, safeguards and trust, privacy and security. The focused application domains are e-governance, cybersecurity, education, healthcare, and business processes.