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New funded project with Moldova

Our institute has recently launched a new project aimed to build teaching and learning capacities at Moldovan higher education institutions to strengthen local educational competencies necessary to advance EU integration and accession.

The project “Enhancing Moldova’s Europeanization through innovative teaching practices” (Best4ME) has received funding from the Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) and will run from June 2023 to May 2024. The project – led by our Institute – will involve directly Moldovan universities, lecturers, and stakeholders and will be locally coordinated by Prof. Valentina Teosa and her team from Moldovan State University.

Over the next twelve months, Best4ME will develop research and teaching expertise in European Studies by involving local teaching staff and management and prepare graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge for future employment in the organizations responsible for implementing societal reforms key to Moldova’s European integration (government institutions, administration structures, NGOs).

In particular, within the framework of Best4ME, the Johan Skytte Institute together with our local partners will 1) deliver trainings for lecturers on innovative European Studies pedagogies and digital learning methods; 2) organise online and in-person courses for MSU students on European Studies and a study trip to EU and Estonian public sector institutions in Tallinn; 3) organise mobility of MSU teaching staff to present research and observe teaching practices at UT; 4) provide scholarships and mentorship to incentivise MSU students to pursue MA theses on EU- related topics; 5) deliver a final workshop to evaluate impact and disseminate the final report to stakeholders in Moldova.

According to Dr. Stefano Braghiroli, Associate Professor of European Studies at the University of Tartu and academic coordinator of the project, Best4ME “has the potential to determine a concrete and positive impact on Moldova’s path towards full EU membership. By bridging effective academic exchange and pro-active learning we can contribute to turn the next generation of local graduates into the first generation of Moldova’s EU citizens.”

According to Ms. Anna Beitane, Manager of Online Learning Projects, “one of the cornerstones of the project is integration of innovative and digital teaching practices in Moldovan universities. Together with our local partners, we look forward to strengthening Moldova’s e-learning in line with the tenets of the European Higher Education Area.”


The project is supported by ESTDEV - Estonian Centre for International Development

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