European Union Studies

European Union studies at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies focuses on the drivers, dynamics and consequences of European integration, as well as on EU institutions, politics and policy-making processes. The four main foci include 1) democracy in the EU, including European Parliament elections, voting behavior in the European Parliament, EU decision-making processes, including possible reforms thereof, 2) EU economic governance and economic and social policies, 3) the interaction between norms, institutions and policies at the national and at the EU level; 4) EU enlargement and relations with neighboring countries, especially Eastern Partnership countries.

Heads of the research field: Piret Ehin, Stefano Braghiroli, Edgars Eihmanis, Thomas Linsenmaier, Maili Vilson

Affiliated staff: Edgars Eihmanis, Thomas Linsenmaier, Maili Vilson, Thomas Linsenmaier, Sandra Hagelin



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