Latvia’s General Election: Defrosting the Status Quo?

On Monday, 8 October, the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies will host a seminar about Latvian parliamentary elections results and how it impacts the future of Latvia and Europe. The lecture takes place on 8 October at 16:15 in the UT Social Sciences building, Lossi 36, room 214.

The Latvian parliamentary elections are scheduled for Saturday, 6th of October. With 16 parties on the ballot and 25.5% of undecided voters (SKDS pollster, 01.10.18) - election results promise substantial upheaval in the already volatile Latvian political system. With some of the older ruling parties in decline, new political forces have emerged, including the populist “Who owns the state?” and other new parties that offer different brands of anti-corruption, modernization and progressive social politics. While the ethnic political divide still stands, the ‘old establishment’ versus the ‘new progressive’ politics has come to the foreground.

The seminar will chart the divisions that crystallized during the campaign and show how these developments could shape the future of Latvian politics, as well as what implications it might have for the region and Europe.

The seminar will be led by PhD Fellow in Political Science Lelde Arnicāne, Project Manager Anna Beitāne and Fulbright Fellow Stephen Bloom.  

Everyone is welcome to attend! 

Forwarded by:

Annika Maksimov
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies
University of Tartu